Simon Cotter was fantastic

“He kept our group in stitches for 50 minutes. He was a great start to our employee day and I received many (and I mean many) very positive mentions about him. Our main critic (The Pres.) loved him. Simon certainly brought some humour into our workplace. So, thanks to you and Simon for a great start to our day.” – Brent Irwin, Citadel Insurance

A huge success

“The event was a huge success and Simon was a hit. Everyone without exception loved his routine and friendliness. I can also personally vouch that he is a heck of a dancer.” – Aline Goulet, Minto Development

Very memorable and funny

“Simon was fantastic. He successfully tailored his talk to our group. He obviously had done his homework on our company and therefore his talk did not appear to be simply ‘off the shelf’. A very memorable and funny evening. A bunch of tax accountants is a tough audience but he won us over. ” – Jane Botsford, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

The best event ever!!

The best event we’ve ever had at the bank in all my years thanks to you, Simon. Anyone who can make bankers laugh is going to be a big star. Hope we can get you back again soon.” – Arthur Preto, Bank of Montreal


“Your skills as a Master of Ceremonies and standup comic are insurmountable…you made us laugh so hard the tears were running down our faces. It was like spending an evening with Billy Crystal. Now I know why you are rated as a top comedian. Your consistent ability to make people laugh is therapeutic to the soul…The feedback we have received from our members on your performance has been unparalleled.” – Debbie Cole-Gauer, The Life Insurance Institute

Complete enjoyment

“He kept over 200 people in various stages of laughter, hysteria, tears and complete enjoyment for over 45 minutes which is no mean feat in a room full of tired, sunburned golfers. He had something everyone could relate to and he did it with style. He was the perfect finishing touch to our day.” – Irene Anderson, Beamscope Electronic Entertainment

Read the audience

“I have always felt that the airline personnel would be a tough bunch to crack, but Simon just read the audience and knew exactly what to say and do. Everyone found him to be extremely funny, which made our Christmas party a MAJOR SUCCESS!!!” – Kelly Reid, CanAir

Quoted ever since

“At the breakfast Simon Cotter entertained our group posing as a famous economic analyst. The results were sensational. Simon was hilarious – his jokes have been quoted around the office ever since the meeting!” – Carolyn Chugg, Minicom Data Corporation

Definitely the highlight

“You were definitely the highlight of the training weekend and my colleagues are still talking about the great fun we had! You are to be commended for your ability to make people laugh with such ease, talent and professionalism. It is truly a gift; especially when your audience can laugh at themselves.” – Debbie Alhabro, Royal Bank


“The evening was a success thanks to your hilarious show. You had the whole room laughing and everyone commented about what a great job you did.” – Lee Jebb, Brandon Chamber of Commerce

A new level of success

“We laughed so hard our guts still hurt and you launched our meeting to a new level of success.” – R. A. Chadala, The Stevens Company Limited

Will not soon be forgotten

“Simon Cotter was exactly what we needed to make this a very special occasion and one evening that will not soon be forgotten. He was wonderfully entertaining and funny.” – Sally Roberts, The Co-Operators

Sensational show

“After a grueling, week-long national sales meeting, Simon was perfect for raising everyone’s spirits with a sensational show. I’m sure our sales reps from across Canada will long remember Simon as the high spot of the week.” – Frank Walsh, Visual Systems

Simon Cotter – outstanding!!

“You are outstanding!! You had a very tough and serious act to follow and you came through, captured the audience; made them laugh; made them roar.” – Tom Dampsy, Real Estate Board